Yersu Sahin, Istanbul

Deniz Murathanoğlu, Istanbul

Deniz is a business development consultant with a strong background in strategy and incentives mechanism. He is a Managing Partner at Murathanoglu Management Consulting, a growing Turkish consultancy firm. Deniz provides management consulting services on government incentives, R&D, corporate governance, strategic planning and finance for various customers in 20 + industries. He is passionate about collecting art and travelling.  

Yersu was born in Ankara. She studied 

Business Administration at Ankara University 

followed by an MA in Law and Economics at Bilkent University and an LLM in Competition Law at King’s College London. She is a former Competition Expert at the Turkish Competition Authority and currently a Competition Compliance Manager at the leading Turkish beer company Anadolu Efes. Yersu is passionate about art, music and dance. She is an aspiring art collector, Zumba instructor, charity runner and traveller. 

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