William Haggard-Salazar

William works in finance in London. He is a history graduate from the University of Cambridge and majored in finance at London Business School. Half-Colombian, half-British, William developed an insight for the Latin American art scene while living and working in Bogota (Colombia) and manages Impact Collections' relationships with Latin American artists and foundations. 

Having trained in music since an early age and studied art history whilst travelling in Italy, William has a strong interest in the intersection between art and music and ensuring that this is represented at Impact Collections. 

Yulia Tosheva-Haggard

Yulia  is dedicated to Impact Collections and its mission to help collectors discover artists. She is a graduate from the Courtauld Institute of Art (UK) and a researcher in the field of Eastern European art.

Yulia has worked for major auction houses in London and a leading Swiss art advisory firm focusing on modern and contemporary art. She is the Editor of Eastern European Art Festival, a blog exploring Eastern and Central European art and culture. 

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